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We {heart} Lil Horns

Lil Horns: not just for demons anymore!But don't feel left out, demons - you can use them too. Lil Horns are one of our favorite 3D FX Transfers because they're versatile, fun, and beautiful when applied. We painted them to look like wood, fawn antlers, and bone; the possibilities are endless.Give Lil Horns a try! 

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Tinsley Transfers Halloween Character Contest

A Tinsley Transfers Halloween Character Contest Shambles from the Shadows!There can be only two...Do you have what it takes to win $500? Impress us with your creations this Halloween season and you could win one of two categories for best character design. Both category winners will take away a $500 Tinsley Transfer store credit and [...]

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Why Tattoo FX for a Temporary Tattoo name.

Why Tattoo FX? I've always been fascinated by names and especially company names. I imagine a group of suits sitting around large conference table discussing the pros and cons of a good corporate name. Although I am sure this happens I also must assume it happens more like what I am use to. A couple of [...]

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