Do Temporary Tattoos Look Real?

Do Temporary Tattoos Look Real?

We get this question all the time. “Do temporary tattoos look real?” Technology has come a long way from the super glossy, super fake tattoos most of us grew up with. Nowadays temporary tats “can” look as realistic as a permanent tattoo. Notice how we said “can”? All temporary tattoos are not alike. So before you use any temp tat for self expression, let’s talk a little about what makes a great temporary tattoo.

It all starts with the quality of the ink and transfer material. All of Tinsley Transfers FX tattoos use FDA Approved inks to make sure you are getting cutting edge technology while being safe. Some temporary tattoos on the market use questionable materials that could lead to an allergic reaction or worse. So always make sure your temp tattoo comes from a reliable, trusted source.

The most important part of any temporary tattoo is the design! When a permanent tattoo is drawn the ink breaks down a little and the edges soften. We take that approach when designing all of our temporary tattoos. The ink is softened to look like it is coming from inside the skin, not just sitting on top of it. After all, it’s a temp tattoo, not a sticker! It has to look real.

We examine each tattoo to make sure it looks real enough to pass even the harshest critics. After all, Tinsley Transfers has been the “go-to” company in the film and television for years. Supplying realistic tattoos to some of your favorite actors and films.

Temporary Ink VS Permanent Ink

Don’t get us wrong! We have nothing against permanent tattoos. There is some incredibly talented artists out there that do some amazing work. And there is some crossover between a permanent tat and a temporary tat. There is a lot of people that will get a temporary tattoo and wear it for awhile to see if a tattoo is right for them. After all, permanent ink is well, permanent.

Another huge part of the temp tat world is people who like to change it up. They want to look of a real tattoo without the pain or commitment. Changing the art on their body whenever they see fit to do so. Temporary tattoos give a person more artistic freedom to express themselves and change their look in a blink of an eye and explore different tattoo trend.

So if you are looking for long lasting temporary tattoos that look completely realistic, make sure to check out our Tattoo FX section and pick out the best fake tattoo that fits you! We are sure to have that unique tattoo that fits your style.

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