How To Remove A Temporary Tattoo

How To Remove A Temporary Tattoo

So you got your new Tinsley Tattoo and it looks awesome. But you may be wondering “How do I remove this thing?” Our temporary tattoos can last over a week and look incredibly realistic. But if you need to remove your new tatt there are some easy ways to do so. here is a helpful guide to walk you through the process.

Effective Ways To Remove Your Temporary Tattoo

1) Scotch Tape – That’s right! A little scotch tape works wonders if your new temporary ink has only been on for about 24 hours. Simply press the tape onto the tattoo and then pull off. You will see the tattoo ink come right off. Easy!

2) Baby / Mineral Oil – You don’t need any dangerous ingredient to remove your tattoo. Gently rubbing a little bit of baby oil or mineral oil will take that tattoo design off in no time. This works really well if the tattoo is larger and the scotch tape solution isn’t realistic. Safety Tips: Some people recommend nail polish remover or hydrogen peroxide. But that’s pretty harsh and is rough on the skin. We don’t recommend polish remover or chemicals. If it’s a small temporary tattoo you can use a cotton swab.

3) Makeup Remover Wipes – This is a good solution if you have a temporary tattoo somewhere sensitive like your face. Make sure to use them gently when performing your tattoo removal.

4) Last but not least. A little warm soap and water! Gently rub your temporary tattoo with soap and warm water and a damp cloth and you will notice it start to come off. This is the best option if you are allergic to stuff. You don’t want to have an allergic reaction taking off your fake tatt!

Pretty easy huh? We told you. Temporary tattoo removal is easy peasy lemon squeezy. And Tinsley Temporary Tattoos are the best of the best. Created by hollywood makeup artists and the go to company in the film industry for temporary tatts!

Check out our other tutorial on How To Apply A Temporary Tattoo that’s walks you through the application process step by step ( we even have a cool cartoon! ).

Are Tinsley Transfers safe or FDA approved?

Yes and Yes! Tinsley Transfers use only the highest quality ingredients that are safe for the skin and are FDA approved. However, if you have sensitive skin or may be allergic to adhesives, we recommend avoiding application.

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