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Announcing The Winners of the Tinsley Transfers Character Contest

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The Winner of the 3D FX Transfer Character Contest, Nataleigh Verrengia!

The Winner of the Tinsley Transfers Big Mouth Character Contest, Robert Benscoter!

Congratulations on your $500 Prizes!

After deliberating over all the entries, of which there were so many great characters, we decided there were too many  to choose just two...so we brought the whole team in and had them vote for runner ups and 3rd places!

And here they are!

3D FX Transfer 2nd Place, Aaron Knox, $250 Prize:

Big Mouth 2nd Place, $250 Prize:

3D FX Transfer 3rd Place THREE WAY TIE, $50 Prizes each!

3rd Place Big Mouth, $100 Prize:

Congratulations to all our winners! We can't wait to do it again!

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Last Chance To Enter Our Character Contest!

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Bottom Up Character Design!

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Halloween is coming! Have you entered the contest yet?

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Making the Character with Tinsley Tattoo FX

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