Spirit Gum – Adhesive and Remover


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High Quality Spirit Gum to secure any latex appliance makeup or accessories. Includes a specially formulated Remover for quick and easy process.

  • Special FX
  • Cosplay
  • Latex Appliances
  • Facial Hair
  • Wigs
  • Theater
  • Film
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Simply the Best Spirit Gum.

Our standards for Spirit Gum are high. Our Spirit Gum has to hold up to the quality to be used on Film Sets. Formulated to create a tight bond to the skin and do the job right the first time. So often spirit gums for theater or Halloween are thinned down and weak. Tinsley’s spirit gum holds fast and won’t let you down. If you are gluing on a latex appliance or prosthetic, gluing on facial hair or tacking down a wig. This spirit gum is sure to do the job right.

Why Spirit Gum now for Tinsley?

Our Remover is specially formulated to clean spirit gum off easily. Leaving the skin feeling hydrated, soft and smelling yummy. Let’s face it, after having stuff glued to your skin, when it’s time to remove the glue you don’t want a lot of fuss. You need something that gets the job done. Our Spirit Gum Adhesive Remover is the key to removal success.

Why Spirit Gum now for Tinsley?

We have waited to develop our own spirit gum until now seeing how the professional market has been moving away from using spirit gum as often as it use to. Spirit gum has been around for over a hundred years and is a true staple. It wasn’t until recently that we decided to create this spirit gum category knowing it had to be done correctly. Too many bad spirit gums are on the market and we had to be sure not to let down our core advocates as well as keep the quality our customers are use to getting from Tinsley.


Our Spirit Gum uses a traditional alcohol base (spirit) and natural gums (Copal and Rosin). If you are allergic to these or sensitive to the alcohol then we encourage you to use our stronger water based adhesive Acrybond™.

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Adhesive, Glue, Latex, Remover


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