Trypophobia – Small – 3D FX Transfers

Trypophobia – Small – 3D FX Transfers

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This Small Trypophobia prosthetic applies with just water and stays on all night! No adhesives required. 3D FX Transfers blend into your skin like magic giving you a professional makeup look every time.

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Trypophobia Makeup – Small – 3D FX Transfers

Trypophobia – The feeling of discomfort or fear from seeing an irregular pattern or cluster of holes or bumps. Yes! It’s a real thing! Check it out on wikipedia.

You got worms! This smaller version of our Trypophobia 3D FX Transfer is even more horrific than our larger one because the holes are infected with maggots.

  • FX Transfers apply with only water and stay on all night.
  • Created by Hollywood FX artists to be the most realistic wound FX on the market.
  • Edges blend into your skin for an ultra realistic effect!
  • Tinsley FX Transfers are proudly made in the U.S.A.

So What Is A 3D Transfer?

Created by Hollywood special FX makeup artist Christien Tinsley, 3D Transfers are a revolutionary new way to apply makeup. Think of this Trypophobia prosthetic as a temporary tattoo. But it’s so much more realistic. It’s 3D! It’s raised up like a real wound ( or in this case holes and maggots ) would look! Each piece is made in the USA and painted by hand by our team of in house artists. Applying this appliance is simple. You only need scissors, a towel or sponge and water. That’s it!

Don’t forget the blood! We highly recommend just a little blood to make it look even more realistic. Just a little. With blood, less is more. Check out our FX bloods and drying bloods.

How Do I Apply My Trypophobia Small 3D FX Transfer?

Although we haven’t made a demo specifically for the Small Trypophobia Transfer yet, we do have tons of instructional videos that will show you how 3D Transfers apply. Here is one of our favorites Slashed. Remember. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!

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2 reviews for Trypophobia – Small – 3D FX Transfers

  1. 5 out of 5

    Phil G

    OMG! These are so gross in real life! I actual watched people cringe! Tinsley stuff is amazing!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Logan H

    Yes, it looks so gross. You cant tell if it’s just make up. I scared my friends successfully haha.

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