Cannibal – Teeth FX

Cannibal – Teeth FX

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  1. 3 out of 5

    While they are new there are a few thing one is that could help the holes could be cleaner and the lip at the bottom could be removed that lay under your real teeth and if your not careful then you can crack the teeth in this so I recommend at least 35 or 40 seconds for a real good softness the second is that while they may be easy to apply there is one drawback if your canine teeth are longer than the rest it could put your alinement out of place but other than that they give you a scary look and will complete a costume that can use it

    Ok so I said there is some improvements needed well I only listed one and that is the lip of the teeth on the back but after others saw it on me they said the bottom ones looked real but the top ones showed too much of the gums showing as in the teeth aren’t big enough or placed up in the gum line high enough but the top teeth are the problem the bottom are fine

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