Vampire Contact Lenses

Vampire Contact Lenses By Gothika

Gothika Vampires Awaken!

These are the top traditional vampire lenses we carry. Classic and always a shocker!

The Gothika Red Vampire is the most popular in the vampire lens category. Used in countless movies and TV shows Gothika doesn't disappoint with this classic lens.

Our next top pick is the Angelic Red. The color is the same but the Angelic lens has a jagged dark limbal ring around the lens. The purpose of the limbal ring is to make the eyes appear larger and give them some "pop".

Last in the red collection is the Fire lens. This is perfect for that "crazy" look. This also works great as a werewolf lens or any creature that has anything to do with fire. Perfect for devil and demon costumes!

Vampire Red Contact Lenses

Piercing Blue Vampire Eyes

Blue eyes in a vampire has become very popular over the past years. Made popular by the Underworld movie series at one point everyone wanted the "Seline" lenses.

There is something about a vampire with blue piercing eyes. It's cold and unfeeling. Ithas a way of stopping a person in their tracks. You will notice that people will almost seem startled.

As a personal favorite I would choose either the ColorMax Aqua or the ColorMax Blue. I personally like the Seline look. The aqua has this ethereal feeling about it. like it could also be an angel lens. The ColorMax Blue is such a deep steel cold blue. We know many people that just wear the blue lens when not in character because it is striking and beautiful.

The Vampire Blues

The Louis and Lestat lenses by Gothika are a great fit if you want to go with the Interview With The Vampire look. Or maybe just because those lenses look awesome!

We hope these suggestions for vampire contact lenses help you decide which lenses are a perfect for your character. These Gothika vampire lenses are almost always in stock and many of them are available in prescription! All Gothika lenses are FDA cleared for your safety!

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