Zombies! Bring your Zombie to life!...er, yeah!

Published by Tinsley Transfers on 24th Oct 2016

Bring your zombie to life (undeath)!

Tinsley Transfers's Ultimate Zombie Character Creator Bundle makes it easy to create an amazing zombie at a discount! All the pieces that come in the kit would individually come to $131.90 - but with the kit the total comes to only $79.99. You save $51.91!

(NOTE: the Halloween special discount does not apply to the Character Bundle Kits.)

Our 3D FX Transfer pieces are sculpted and designed by Hollywood makeup artists and you can tell when you see them applied. They are as disgusting and realistic as any zombie you'll see in your favorite horror movies and shows!.

And you can play with our other 3D FX Transfers to realize any zombie creation! Like a Pop Art Zombie:

The biggest question you have to ask yourself when creating a zombie is what type do you want to be, because there are many:

Cat zombies. There are cat zombies. Fast zombies, fresh zombies, rotting zombies, finger zombies!

And be sure to check out the Tinsley Transfers Zombie Rot Blood to get that perfect zombie sheen. Zombie sheen! Zombie Charlie Sheen! That's another one!

If you want to create a zombie from the ground up (tee hee) you can skip the bundle and give our Zombie 3D FX Transfers a try. Mix and match to make your perfect zombie and in no time your neighbor's dog will be running from you with the most profound of fear.

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