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This Halloween, Let The Vampires Seduce You (or at least bite you)

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There is a World of Vampires out there.

Which type of vampire do you want to be? With our Vampire Teeth and a liberal dose of BloodFX, create any vampire you can imagine.

But what is a vampire? Is it merely just fangs? A propensity - a thirst for blood? Or is it something grander, more mysterious?

Is a vampire seductive? A beautiful, predatory trap?

Or is a vampire a monster? Driven by a powerful thirst?

We here at Tinsley Transfers think a vampire can be all these things, or none of them. Mix and match and create a new breed. A fun piece we like to use is the Evil Brow for that Buffy the Vampire Slayer extra oomph. 

Here's a couple ideas for vampires that go just that little bit outside the box:

  • Gentleman/Lady Vampire - just the teeth and maybe a hint of blood. No need to flaunt it.
  • The Untamed Vampire - Tribal TattooFX make for a great vampire from a hidden land yet undiscovered.
  • Vampire Sire - Evil Brow, robes, long fingernails, and an air of superiority. This is a vampire that likes to make other vampires and probably bit Picasso back in the day (cause it's old!).
  • Feeding Vampire - Go crazy with the BloodFX on this one, let your costume soak it it. This one is a messy eater, and still hungry.
  • Hunted Vampire - apply some 3D FX Wound Transfers and look like the hunted vampire you are. You've got to keep moving before they catch up, in the meantime, these wounds will heal once you've drank your fill...

Just remember, you can be any vampire want. Don't let anybody tell you different. You don't even have to suck blood to be a vampire (PSYCHIC VAMPIRES, think about it)!

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