The Versatility of Tinsley Transfers

Published by Tinsley Transfers on 28th Oct 2016


Here at Tinsley Transfers, we like to break rules. We don't like when a product tells us what to do, it just makes us want to hack it. That's why when it comes to our 3D FX Transfers and Temporary Tattoos there are no rules. You can use them any way you want, and that's how we like it.

With the Forest Gnome above, we took our love of the "Lil Horns" 3D FX Transfers and painted them to look like wood. We took apart the Temporary Face Tattoo "Candy Skull" and gave our Gnome a beautiful greenery design. 

We loved the Temporary Face Tattoo "Cyborg," but we wanted to play with the idea of what it means to be a cyborg. 

So, we shifted over to more of a Private Military-style Thug Cyborg; he's damaged but still as dangerous as ever. 

We talk a lot about Bottom Up design, picking an interesting transfer and designing a character around it. The same can be said for taking an interesting transfer and fiddling with its originally intended use. 

Our Pop Art Zombie is actually all of our "Zombie" 3D Transfers repainted with those hyper colorful pinks and mints. It switched our zombie from scary to cool, from gross to pretty. 

Try playing with a transfer or temporary tattoo that you've been wanting to use and see if you can recontextualize it to make an all new character. But above all, have fun!

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