Save Big with Bundle Kits! AND - 25% off Weekend Sale!

Published by Tinsley Transfers on 21st Oct 2016

Use Character Bundle Kits and save!

When you purchase a Character Bundle Kit you end up with fantastic discounts versus buying each individual product that makes up each character.

There are 5 Kits each with different savings:

Zombie: $79.99 ($131 Value)
Vampire: $29.99 ($45.96 Value)
Werewolf: $49.99 ($81.94 Value)
Lady Joker: $29.99 ($53.96 Value)
Fire Demon: $49.99 ($75.95 Value)

(note: Bundle Kits not eligible for 25% off discount this weekend.)

Our character bundle kits are a baseline character that you can either rock on their own or play with using costumes, makeup, and even more 3D FX Transfers to customize them further.

Add a trench coat and be a Ruffian Zombie!

Add a fork and knife and go Dinner Time Vampire!

Add a leather jacket and be a biker werewolf!

Or just breathe fire*!

*Don't actually breathe fire!

The possibilities are literally limitless. Try out different versions of zombies. Try a different color of face makeup for a Purple Demon! Go crazy with it! Worry your neighbors, for Pete's sake.

And don't forget about our...

25% Weekend Sale!

If you're looking for savings beyond our Bundle Kits then you're in luck. All other products are 25% Off this weekend (Friday, October 21st, 5pm PST through October 23rd, Midnight PST) when you use the Code: TT25. 

Remember that the Bundle Kits are already discounted so are exempt from the sale.

Have a Great Weekend!

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