Halloween kicks off the New Year!

Halloween kicks off the New Year!

Published by Christien Tinsley on 15th Aug 2018


Unlike most, I don't follow the traditional calendar year of January through December.  No, my New Year begins in September.

It's when the leaves begin to fall, kids go back to school and the "real" Holidays are afoot.  Four great months ahead to kick off the fun and newness of a year still to come.

That reminds me...New Year Resolution List.

New Year Resolutions

1. Post more Blogs this year and keep the Tinsley Community informed.

There is something special about entering into the month of September that feels clean and fresh and full of possibilities.  

It might be the memory of being a kid and going back to school, reinventing yourself, sharing the summer experiences and changing from summer shorts and sandals to jeans and shoes. 

It could also be because this was the time of year I remember seeing all my favorite Halloween goodies pop up on every hook and on every shelf waiting for my imagination to get ahold of them.  

Now we have the power of websites and and You Tube to help us learn and purchase more and faster then ever. We can be inspired not just by our friends down the street but by our friends around the world. A community of likeminded Halloween lovers waiting to put slap (makeup) all over their faces. 

Evil Grin Big Mouth TattooInstagram pic. Product: Evil Grin Big Mouth Tattoo Makeup by: @Jennluvsmakeup.

That reminds me...

2. Create more content for the Tinsley Community (Website, Instagram, Facebook etc.) to connect and educate.

In my house we kick off every New Year (September 1st) with one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. "What am I going to be for Halloween this year?"

The kids are filled with all kinds of ideas and possibilities while the parents try to do a cute family theme (never really works out). The point is, it takes time and thought to come up with just the right character and tone. 

Nowadays most schools don't even allow the kids to wear masks or hats or hoods. Certain outfits or Costumes are prohibited and specific themes looked down upon. I will write about this in future blogs but for now, the most important thing to remember is, it takes time to execute a great idea. So start now for it might already be too late. 

3. Listen to the Tinsley Community and give them what they are looking for.

So start your Tinsley New Year with this question, "What am I going to be for Halloween?"

We want to hear your ideas so let us know what they are and how we can help. 

Any ideas about products you would like to share can also help us create a better catalog of products for you and for us. Think about what kind of...

FX Transfer

or FX Tattoo (Theme or specific style)

Maybe a custom FX Makeup color

or, a type of Blood FX or Blood FX color

Whatever it might be, please share your thoughts below. You never know, it may just be that you'll see your idea Exclusively here on Tinsley Transfers this October!


-Christien Tinsley, Founder of Tinsley Transfers

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