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Go Big or Go Home with Big Mouth Tattoo FX

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Big Mouth 3D Tattoo FX make big characters.

Tinsley Transfers's Big Mouth Tattoo FX are pieces that transform any character into something bigger and crazier. When you see a Big Mouth applied you almost can't look away, they're so real! They are easy to use and can be a costume just by themselves.

Sometimes too much is just the right amount. 

Big Mouth Tattoo's work like an optical illusion giving the impression of depth and size and when you see it, you believe it. You can talk while wearing one, it doesn't cover your whole mouth so you don't have to worry about being quiet all night (you know who you are). After the first few minutes you won't even notice it's there, but for the best effect, close your lips and let the Big Mouth do the talking.

When you add Big Mouth to a costume that's when you're entering The Awesome Zone(tm). Pirates, comic book villians, monsters, witches, undead - everything looks better with a Big Mouth. 

Warning: don't stay too long in The Awesome Zone.

Here's some ideas:

  • Harvey Dent: There's the obvious Two Face cosplay if you want to go full Batman. Just use the 2-Faced Big Mouth and follow it up with our Burned Flesh 3D FX Transfer - viola! Don't forget the dual colored suit.
  • Committed: Our Big Mouth Chompers make any character look just that extra insane. So throw a stretch jacket on and that Chompers Big Mouth and people will be crossing the street when they see you in no time!
  • Ice Demon: The Big Mouth itself is called Demon so there's no mystery on how to use this one, but try painting it with some blue costume makeup along with your face and apply some 3D FX Transfer Devil Horns and now you're not tossing fire, you're tossing ice.
  • Lizard: the Cheshire Big Mouth is fun to use with any creature-type costume - it gives it that extra feral, hungry look. Try it with some green face paint and try to lure people into the sewers!

Experiment with different costumes and Big Mouths, have fun!

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