Tinsley Transfers Sharing the Fans Part I

Tinsley Transfers Sharing the Fans Part I

Published by Tinsley Team on 23rd Sep 2018

Hello Tinsley Peeps,

In case you don't already follow us on Instagram then please do. Not only do we post makeups that our Tinsley Team creates but you also get a sneak peek at what other people are doing with our products. Let me tell you, it can get pretty creative. We thought this would be great opportunity to share with you the wonderful work of the Tinsley Community. These amazing artists from around the world were kind enough to share their work with us and we thought it would be great to share their work with you. 

As you could imagine, there is simply too much to share in this one blog post so I am going to just sample a few images and circle back to a Part II of this article in the future and maybe a Part III and a Part..... The goal is to create inspiration for the upcoming Halloween Season and to take away any fears you might have about exploring ideas. Sometimes "thinking outside the box" needs to come from seeing and being around people who do think outside the box.

We hope you are as excited about the following images as we were going through them all. Below is a few of our selects to share. The beautiful applications that everybody has used with our temporary tattoos Tattoo FX or our 3D FX Transfers is astonishing. The creative ways that temporary tattoos were used with prosthetic and makeup or even how our Accessory Transfers have been used is pretty breathtaking.  No matter what you might see and enjoy below, understand that everyone here are enthusiasts of makeup and not necessarily professionals. So don't be intimidated to try and just have FUN!!

Below every pic will be:

  • Instagram handle
  • Tinsley Transfer products used
  • Possible commentary

Let's begin!


Instagram: carazozula
Product: Evil Brow
Beautiful Little Red Riding Hood 

Instagram: gagemunster
Product: Ripped Flesh
Love this simple but extremely effective Zombie makeup

Instagram: jennluvsmakeup
Product: Staplestein
Using traditional colors and prosthetics but still being completely original with a Dr. Frankenstein creature character

Instagram: juliehasit
Product: Lip Tuck
So simple and so effective and so well done. Make anyone laugh or cry this Halloween.

Instagram: katmakeupgalore
Product: Burned Flesh
It doesn't get much cooler. Deadpool makeup in Pink. If you're a fan of Deadpool like us then this may be your Halloween makeup 2018!

Instagram: meli_a_camacho
Product: Stitches
So if you are a fan of Chucky, this makeup may be for you. Simple, sexy and terrifying. If those descriptive words work for you then this may be it. 


Instagram: kataklyzma
Product: Long Tooth
These add so much to that smile and that diabolical stare. Makes any Clown makeup scary(er).

Instagram: lawrence_nbfx
Product: Vampire Teeth
Beast from the X-Men series. Contact lenses, check.  Blue Makeup, check. Glasses, check. Tinsley Transfers Teeth FX....CHECK!

Instagram: Infected_FX
Product: Monster Teeth
Nothing like a good ghoul or Orc makeup for Halloween and scaring the kiddies. Infected FX knocks it out of the ballpark with this makeup and our teeth to assist.


Instagram: pirateboobies
Product(s): Lil Horns and Possessed Trauma Tattoo FX
We just love the creativity of using Tinsley Products so much that we had to share. The back spine is lined with a row of multiple Lil Horn Transfers. Branching off from the spine is our temporary tattoo Trauma Tattoo FX Possessed. Again, multiple packages to deliver a breathtaking makeup.

Instagram: krystlefehermakeup
Product: Lil Horns
A more traditional way of using Lil Horns but equally effective. This absolutely bare bones approach can change your persona in an instant. Simple and very effective.


Instagram: scottbautista
Product: 2 Faced Big Mouth Kit
A stunning execution of the product straight out of the kit. Kudos!!

Instagram: hollyproudtbh
Product: Demon/Decay Big Mouth Temporary Tattoo
The dead friends that play together stay together. Love this photo.

Instagram: gulsomgs
Product: Cheshire Big Mouth Temporary Tattoo
The smile can change everything. It's never been easier to do a makeup like this then with Big Mouth Temporary Tattoos.

Instagram: katiewrigley
Product: Evil Grin Big Mouth Temporary Tattoo
Katie has been doing some very cool stuff with our products and amazing stuff on her own. She has a wild imagination that scares the hell out of me. Thank you Katie for the terrifying Leprechaun.

Instagram: carazozula
Product: Decay/Demon Big Mouth Temporary Tattoo
Clowns can always be a crowd pleaser or a heart stopper. There seems to be no end to the creative twists of a clown makeup. We not only love this design but we love that we were able to assist with our temporary tattoos. 

We hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane. Perhaps the worked sparked an interest in wanting to try something new or simply got the gears going about what you might be for Halloween. We will share more of our fan images with you soon. Please follow these individuals who were kind enough to share. Below you will find the products mentioned in the above article. 

Thank you Tinsley Creepers and keep on creeping!

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