Basil Gogo Inspired London After Midnight Makeup

Basil Gogo Inspired London After Midnight Makeup

Published by Tinsley Team on 15th Sep 2018

Hello Tinsley Peeps,

Inspiration can come from many different places and can be triggered by various wants, needs or desires. 

One could be inspired by a love of a character in a book. Maybe its an Anime or Movie Character. You could be inspired by current politics or a need to make change.


Regardless of how or where you find inspiration the desired end result will motivate your actions to achieve your goal.

In this particular case we found inspiration in pairing Tinsley Transfer products. The criteria we set for ourselves was...

  1. Create a character that we could show a side by side comparison (something that wasn't just imagined by us). 
  2. To challenge ourselves to pair our FX Makeup Face Paint with any of our other catalog items.
  3. Lastly, something that embodied the Halloween Spirit!

By simply coming up with this criteria we were able to search out pop culture images that conformed to this idea.

Basil Gogo was a master painter who painted many of Hollywoods famous monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman, Phantom of the Opera and many more. Below are some examples of his beautiful work that I'm sure you are already familiar with. 


The colors Basil used to represent the light casting onto the face was remarkable. So vivid and bright but never surrendered the nature of the shadow lurking characters. The piece we chose to do was the "London After Midnight" portrait that represented Lon Chaney's work from the film. The textures and the teeth immediately spoke to our team as the perfect fit. 

For this inspired makeup we're using: 

  • Tinsley Transfers Cannibal Teeth
  • Gothika FX Contact Lenses (Red Wolf)
  • FX Makeup colors: Black, Sickly Yellow, Prime Yellow, Prime Red, Prime Blue, Pumpkin Orange, Angry Red, Vein Blue, Witch Green, Super Hero Green, Dirt Brown, Royal Purple, and White.


You will find the product links at the end of this blog.

We don't want to use this time to walk through every step in great detail. However let's run through the major beats.

1. We want to fit our Cannibal Teeth in advance of doing our face painting. This can be done days in before or immediately ahead of makeup application. This ensures proper placement without the fear of ruining your beautiful makeup.

2. Using FX Makeup begin painting your face. It's important to note that we rarely ever use a color straight from the tube. We commonly mix colors before applying and then blend colors during application. This can give you desired shades and layered tones for depth. 

3. After the makeup is applied, wig and top hat were placed.

4. Finish it off with Wardrobe and Contact Lenses before final looks and camera.

Corinne Foster applies touch ups.  Makeup by Corinne Foster for Tinsley Transfers. 

With a little help from photoshop to drop in the background magic. This is the final outcome.

We certainly hope you enjoyed this exploration into finding inspiration and letting us share with you something that inspired us. 

We will have more of these Blogs coming up in the following weeks ahead so stay tuned. Please, share with your Halloween Enthusiasts, Little Monster Makers and Makeup artist friends.

Most importantly, GIVE US FEEDBACK. What would you like to see? Is there a character you have been struggling with? Is there product you are looking for? 

All of this feedback allows us to help you which in turn helps us, therefore it's what they call a win, win.

Check out the links if you want to try this look. Everything you need with Teeth, Makeup and Contacts can be found right here at Tinsley Transfers.

Thank you

-Tinsley Team-

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