Attack on Titan Inspired Makeup

Attack on Titan Inspired Makeup

Published by Tinsley Team on 7th Oct 2018

Hello Tinsley Creepers,

Another week and another blog.  We are especially excited about this post because it combines the simplicity of our product with maximum creepy effect.

Now if you are like us, you might not have known what Attack on Titan was or is. In short, Attack on Titan is a Japanese Manga that is about giants attacking a city called Titan and eating the people. Like I said, that was the short version. Like any decent story there is much more depth to the plot and characters then that and I am probably not doing the fan base any justice by being so brief. So I have included a link to Attack on Titan for you to follow up if you are interested. 

They are also set to release a Live Action Movie of Attack on Titan(trailer, Not a US version) very soon.

The owners son brought the show to our attention months ago and what we thought was most fascinating was that the giants were frightening and yet so simple. We of course were very attracted to their large mouths that made them so scary, eerie and very disturbing. The terrifying look reminded us of our Big Mouth Tattoo Kits. We thought this would be a perfect character to develop using our product. 

A sort of test. Come up with the best solution using Tinsley Transfer.

If you are not familiar. Below is a few images showing you the giants. Unfortunately these images don't even do the show justice but you get the idea.


Even though the characters don't seem to follow any real anatomical logic they do share similar ideas. 

  • Full nudity.
  • Hair in their face
  • Big mouths. 

The giant character you create for yourself could be unique to you. As for the nude part, if you want to go nude then that's your choice. We of course would suggest a nude body suit at the very least but who are we to judge.

We chose the Evil Grin Tattoo because it has no lips and makes the gums around the teeth feel raw and exposed. Thinking this was more indicative of the Attack on Titan characters you of course can choose any of the Big mouth Kit Temporary Tattoos (makeup included) or Big Mouth Temporary Tattoos (no makeup included)            

Also included in this makeup is the Evil Brow FX Transfer and of course our line of FX Makeup.

You should understand that the creative process follows no set of rules and how you would like to approach your own Titan makeup is up to you with no wrong or right methods. However we will share with you our technique. Following the directions on the packaging we apply the Evil Brow and the Big Mouth Tattoo. After applying the two pieces we then added a base (foundation of makeup) using Our Dead Flesh FX Makeup and Pale Flesh FX Makeup. 

Afterwards we added contours and highlights using a mixture of Angry Red FX Makeup, Vein Blue FX Makeup and Pale Flesh FX Makeup. There was probably a dab or two of other colors to enhance the hue of color to be more brown or darker in tone. This is something you would want to play with. Knowing your primary colors and how they work together can be very useful.

After your character has started coming to life. You can then experiment with adding textures and veins to enhance the look. We lengthen the nostrils with Black FX Makeup to create a more bony and shallow appearance to the nose. 

We also went ahead and added muscle looking base to the neck and shoulders using a combination Angry Red FX Makeup, Black FX Makeup, White FX Makeup, Prime Yellow FX Makeup and Prime Red FX Makeup. 

Once the painting was completed and we were satisfied with the results. We placed our wig on over the wig cap and began styling the hair with a flat iron. We wanted to achieve the straight clumping effect that is relevant with all Anime Characters. 

When it was all complete we added Gothika Angelic Green Contact Lenses and...


We added this Short Video for your enjoyment. 

Thank you for watching...and reading.

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