Bottom Up Character Design!

Published by Tinsley Transfers on 26th Oct 2016

Inspiration sometimes comes from the Bottom Up

Bottom Up design is starting with the piece of a project and creating around that piece. The inverse of Bottom Up is Top Down design, which starts with a concept and brings those pieces together. That's the common design philosophy, but it can be fun to think outside that box sometimes.

When it comes to Tinsley Transfers, sometimes we like to pick a 3D FX Transfer or Temporary Tattoo and build around it. We did that with our Queen of Hearts character because we love the "Lip/Tuck" 3D FX Transfer and wanted to play with the piece.

Isolate a piece that you like or have been wanting to work with and start thinking about what kind of character or scenario that piece would fit in. Once you decide on a character you want to create the other pieces and details will start to fall into place - the whole character will come together.

We did the same thing with the "Sugar Skull" Temporary Face Tattoo. We started with the tattoo and then worked outward, playing with color and costume. The color blue alone was enough to send us on our way!

Try it out for yourself! I'll bet if you think about a Tinsley Transfer piece or temporary tattoo for a moment, inspiration will kick down your brain door, and take the controls.

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